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Find out your Mental Golf Handicap! 
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Range Sessions

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Join the growing list of golfers that are trusting Will's support throughout the season.

WK Members have the opportunity to work with Will on a monthly membership basis throughout the year, with the benefit of anytime support. 

WK Members experience what it is like to have regular input into their mental game, with on-course sessions and frequent check-ins on a monthly basis. This gives them the flexibility to work around their tournament schedule, reflecting on recent performances, and building towards upcoming events.

If you are a golfer looking for the tour-level experience of working with a psychologist and taking your game to the next level, this is for you. 


Take the stress out of booking sessions

Anytime check-ins to monitor progress

Continuous improvement

Consistent growth throughout the season

Off-season development


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“Honestly Will, thank you mate as that was superb tonight. I was a bit nervous at the start but really enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to our next session 👊🏻 "

+2 Handicap Golfer

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