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Working with Will

Enhanced Performance

Will works with golfers to enhance their performance on the course, with support on decision making, course management, and mindset improvements. By working one-to-one with his golfers, Will can treat every golfer as their own individual, with the appreciation that what may work for someone, may require a different approach for another. Will gets in to the details of how your thoughts, impact your behaviour, and therefore your performance.

Mental Wellbeing

Will takes a holistic approach to his work with golfers, ensuring that the human off the course aligns to the golfer on the course. His approach also focuses on the individuals mental well-being, in a time where an athlete's ability to win and succeed is only part of the overall picture. Maintaining a positive outlook on life, and staying on top of an individual's mental health can provide benefits to their performance in their chosen field. 

Key Benefits

In particular Will can help you to:

  • increase your focus and concentration

  • improve your course management and decision making

  • reduce any anxiety and nerves

  • feel more confident about your game

  • reduce any anger or frustration over bad shots 

  • generally improve your enjoyment of the game and much more!

Working In-person

Working Remotely

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